Interior Glass Applications

Interior Glass Products

Glassfab Tempering Services, Inc. offers the most versatile Interior Glass products. Interior Glass products include: Interior Partitions, Heavy Glass Entrance Doors, Custom Stair Rails, Glass Tables & Table Tops, Smoke Baffles, Chair Mats, Glass Dividers, Sneeze Guards, Marker Boards, and Custom Shower Door Packages.

These products can range in various Sizes, Glass Thicknesses, Colored Tints, Pattern Textures, Edge Profiles, Custom Photo-Realistic Images, and Heat-Treatment for Safety Purposes.

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Interior Glass Applications

Shower Door Systems

If you are interested in having a truly unique shower door, it will definitely be a good idea to consider having one custom made.

Frameless glass shower doors are an especially good choice for people who want one that is both modern-looking and highly practical. The elegant look that a custom glass shower door will add to your bathroom is certainly a benefit to consider.

Those who want a whole new look for this area of their home will certainly want to look into this option before deciding whether or not it is right for them. Another benefit of these shower doors is that they are highly durable, so you can rely on one to maintain its structural integrity without giving you any problems at all.

Double strength

Custom Mirrors

Custom Mirrors add the perfect touch of elegance to any décor. Custom Mirrors feature an exquisite chrome polish that bounces natural light throughout the entire room, causing the room to appear larger than ever imagined.

Our specialty is creating custom shapes and sizes of Custom Mirrors, providing the client with the opportunity to brighten up any area. We take pride in our customer service and ensure the best quality of Custom Mirrors available. Our experts are standing by to custom cut your mirror and ship it out immediately.

The addition of Custom Mirrors to any wall is sure to be an elegant, eye-catching addition, with endless possibilities.

Interior Partitions

Bring nature indoors with a beautiful glass partition that provides elegant yet economical social distancing protection. This is the perfect way to divide a professional work environment without compromising visibility.

Place several glass lites throughout your interior environment to create a safe and independent work space. Coordinates seamlessly between meeting tables, office desks, easels, office furniture and bench seating.

Glass partition walls will lend an air of sophistication to your office interiors, making them more appealing to clients from all industries and market sectors.

Glass Entrance Doors

Commercial glass door entrances are a popular choice for many businesses due to their sleek and modern appearance. They offer a great first impression for customers and visitors, as they provide a clear view into the business and create a sense of transparency.

Glassfab offers a full line of energy-efficient doors and entrances in a multitude of finishes with an endless selection of custom hardware to suit your specific project needs.

They are designed to allow quick assembly and installation at an economical cost for single-span punched openings and entrance areas that require a sleek look with high energy efficiency.

Interior Stair Rails

When it comes to choosing guardrails for your property, you want to ensure safety without compromising on beauty and elegance. That’s why a glass railing system might be your best choice.

While railings can be made from a variety of materials – including wood, chrome, iron, stainless steel, and stone – glass has become extremely popular thanks to its myriad benefits.

A sleek look, safety, easy maintenance and customization are just some of the key benefits of glass railings used on staircases, decks, walkways, and pools.

Glass Tables

People’s first impression of glass furniture is always that it’s beautiful but fragile. While with the development of glass-making industry, designers and manufacturers are able to produce glass furniture that perfectly combines aesthetic and quality. In recent years, glass tables have grown popular among people of all ages.

Transparent glass surfaces can well balance the color palette of a whole room and easily mixes with other materials to create different styles. If you have wooden or dark furniture in your home, adding some small glass tables can help to lighten the space. If you always work from home, creating a light and open space will have a positive effect on work productivity and a happy mood.

Smoke Baffles

Glass Smoke Baffles are noncombustible curtains that hang from the ceiling and work as smoke barriers between slab openings, level changes, or divisions. Smoke baffles are there to limit the spread of smoke and provide means of egress during evacuation situations.

Smoke Baffles come in various design options to provide a seamless integration with the building.

A smoke baffle is used to contain and direct smoke. They’re typically installed at the tops of stairways, atriums and other open or high-ceilinged areas. The purpose of smoke baffles is to contain smoke during a building fire and prevent the smoke from spreading to other areas.

Chair Mats

On average, office workers move their chairs over 300 times in an eight-hour day. This repeated movement can tarnish and degrade the floor beneath the chair. Repeated movement can also scratch and discolor the floor beneath the chair.

High-end office chair mats also provide a level of ambiance in the office. The high-end mats not only increase the aesthetic in the office, but they also create an aura of cleanliness and organization.

Movement is an essential component to any office work. The ability to shift your chair to another portion or side of your desk is paramount to your multitasking abilities and in helping you to shift your body accordingly. The office chair mat can make any user feel more organized and tidy, leading to better efficiency and productivity.

Office Dividers

Desk dividers provide a well needed sense of privacy and defined personal space in a shared, collaborative workplace, which can greatly boost employee productivity and work performance.

Open plan offices and collaborative work spaces are very popular these days, and in a lot of instances preferred by many companies across the country. But, sometimes, the busy and exhilarating collaborative environment can serve as a distraction. This is why desk screens are an ideal solution to address this issue.

An office desk privacy panel can allow workers to personalize their own private work spaces, without having to be completely cut off and isolated from their neighbors.

Marker Boards

Glass Marker Boards Are Appealing. You don’t have to use messy chalk or standard whiteboards anymore. Glass marker boards are sleek, modern, practical, and the design complements any office space. You can use glass marker boards during business presentations, employee meetings, and company-wide gatherings.

Not only do custom glass marker boards look great, but they also last a long time. At Glassfab, we manufacture tempered glass, which is stronger than normal glass.

Tempered glass boards can endure pressure and stress without getting scratched or damaged. So, if there’s an accidental bump, your durable marker board won’t leave you in a bind.

One-Way Mirrors

Originally called transparent mirrors, one-way mirrors are made when a thin metallic, reflective coating has been applied all over the glass. This thin coating is referred to as a half-silvered surface because the reflective molecules in the coating make the mirror half opaque. The half-silvered surface makes it so if lighting hits the mirror, half the light is reflected back and half shines through.

Although the possibilities don’t stop there, one-way windows are also an option, and they are particularly useful in bathrooms that may need more seclusion. This complex mirrored glass is unique, and only available through a select number of glass companies. To ensure that your one-way mirror provides the utmost privacy, contact our team today.

Glass Shelves

Shelving is essential for the interior decor of any home because it puts items on display while also creating more storage space. If you need to find the right shelving solution for your home, consider the numerous advantages that glass shelving has to offer.

Glass shelving fits into your current interiors regardless of the type of design scheme you have in your home.

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, glass shelving is appropriate for your interiors. When you select from among various glass design options, you experience the striking diversity of interior design advantages that are possible with glass.

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