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What is Fabricated Glass?

Types of Fabricated Glass

For a piece of glass to be considered “fabricated” there are a wide range of processes that can take place. From shapes, edge profiles, holes, hinges, corner notches, mail slots, to 2×4 and custom cut outs; Glassfab can provide all of your fabricated glass needs.

Thanks to Glassfab’s Waterjet & CNC cutting equipment, we can precisely reproduce any custom patterns in glass, including unusual shapes, notches or cutouts.

Fabrication requirements, tolerances, and testing procedures for treated glass are defined in ASTM C1048 Standard Specification for Heat-Strengthened and Fully Tempered Flat Glass.

Artistic expression

Edge Profiles

Any work that is done to the edge of a piece of glass is also considered fabrication. There are many different types of edge profiles from our standard seam to our complex double chip fabrication done by hand.

You can take a look at the different examples to see all the different edge profiles we can produce.

Glassfab’s treatment of exposed edges is as much a form of art as it is a safety precaution. This custom edgework adds dimension and personalized design to any piece of glass.

Careful Drilling

Hole Drills

Another Important fabrication process is drilling holes into a piece of glass.

We will cover all the important details you must know about where we can and can’t drill holes. This is what is referred to as Glassfab’s Tempering Guidelines.

Certain holes must be a certain distance away from the edge of the glass when being tempered otherwise the piece of glass will break in the furnace. These holes may also have various radius’ based on the overall thickness of the glass.

It is important to get an understanding of all the fabrication capabilities when it comes to hole drills before ordering.

Precision cuts

Custom Fabrication

No matter how unique the need, Glassfab’s precise drilling, notching, cutting, and CNC Shaping offers a full range of capabilities to hang, hold, shape, and hinge for any custom application.

Special Cutouts

Hinge Notch

A hinge is a movable joint or mechanism on which a door swings as it opens and closes. Hinges need to be placed within a cutout that is typically done by a waterjet or CNC machine.

Shower and glass door hinges in a bathroom need to be able to hold a shower door and function well, with the added element of a high moisture environment.

Fabricated Glass on our Waterjets and CNC machine can supply customers with more options for custom enhancements on monolithic glass. 

Complete Shower Packages

Shower Door Systems

Glassfab Tempering Services strives to be a leading fabricator within the architectural flat glass industry with a special focus on fabricating the highest quality shower door products.

Glassfab can now package all your shower door needs from various glass requirements to shower door hardware of all types.

Shower door hardware can be a complex subject because there are countless variations to the different types of hardware such as the Geneva Series ,Vienna Series and Pinnacle Series with over twenty different finishes. Call our Shower Door Department today for our latest product offering.


Fabrication and hole locations must adhere to our GTS tempering process as well as the guideline specified on the ASTM C1048. Holes must be within GTS, Inc. Tempering Guidelines or relief cuts may be necessary. Any GTS Inc. heat treated/tempered glass may not be modified, drilled, sandblasted, ground, polished, or fabricated. Such modification can seriously weaken the glass, impair its safety characteristics, and shall void any warranty by GTS Inc. All GTS Inc. heat treated glass will have a logo per code. Purchaser must specify and assume responsibility to pass building compliance inspection for NO LOGO orders. All heat-treated and tempered products are subject to minimum seamed edge, unless otherwise specified by the purchaser for ground or polished edge finish.
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Capability Guidelines

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