About Us


Glassfab Tempering Services, Inc. Tracy, California began operation in August, 2006. After more than 2 decades of experience in the business, a management team decided to start a glass fabrication and a glass tempering Service Company. Our company attributes its existence, success and growth, to a combination of local market support, and our team experience. Our strong desire for superior quality products and genuine customer service, are also our key ingredients. Glassfab intends to deliver excellent architectural glass products and services, to its local custom shower door companies, glass shops, and architectural glazing contractors. All our growth and expansion plans are intended to meet our valued customer requirements consistently, for the present and the future.

Thank you for the opportunity. We look forward to serving you.

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Current Mission

Our mission is to become the most desirable company to work with and strengthen our relationships with our valued customers. Encourage new ideas and innovations in our team. Build a reputation for reliability, quality, service, and convenience. We must know our business the best and therefore serve the best. We pride ourselves to be a creative company; where people thrive and grow. We promise to be the company of pleasant and positive atmosphere. Our mission is total success; success of our valued suppliers, our customers, and our employees. Our operation is efficient and fast to serve, and meet customer requirements consistently. Our durable competitive advantage is our continuous efforts towards delivering excellent results. Our energetic and experienced team is committed to high standards of consistent performance. We encourage you to expect more in total value from Glassfab.

Core Values & Beliefs

We define ourselves as a company of people that genuinely care.

We value talent, experience and expect high performance. We believe in creating an environment where people attain consistent excellence. We believe in striving for the best by maximizing our unwavering potential. We believe in expanding our knowledge of products, services, and market requirements. Our future rests on creativity, skills, teamwork and integrity of our most valued employees. We value hard work. We are honest. We honor our commitments. We are consistent and fair. We are privileged to be able to serve our market. We genuinely care and sincerely appreciate all your support.

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