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     Volume 1, Newsletter 2009

Glassfab Tempering Services, Inc serves the Northern California and Nevada markets with superior architectural high performance insulated glass products, custom fabricated heavy glass shower doors, commercial storefront all glass doors, spandrel, and laminated glass products. Our commitment to make ongoing process improvements to provide superior quality products and unmatched service arekey ingredients for our success. This news letter is our means to communicate our gratitude towards our valued employees, our much appreciated customers and suppliers.


* Kevin Moore and Barbara Russell join Glassfab team
* Glassfab joins Guardian Select Fabricator Program
* New Spandrel Line
* New Oversized Tempering Furnace
* All Glass Doors for Commercial application
* Focus on LEED Certification
* PG& E and Glassfab take a major step towardszero carbon foot print

Glass is the material that provides high optical clarity and is most resistant to detrimental effects of chemicals, weather and abrasion. Glass technology has evolved to a new level of building performance in energy efficiency in the recent years. Today glass is used not only to enhance the architectural appearance of a building but also to make it ecologically responsible with higher performing Low-E products as well.

Glassfab is proud to be part of a certification program initiated by Guardian Industries a global corporation.

Quick Technical Tips:

*Float Glass: Glass formed on a bath of molten tin. The surface in contact with the tin is known as the tin side. The top surface is known as the atmosphere or air side.
*Tempered Glass: Flat or bent glass that has been heat-treated to have a minimum surface compression of 10,000 psi, or edge compression not less than 9,700 psi in accordance with the requirements of ASTM C-1048.
Tempering process is a heating and cooling process that changes the molecular value of the glass

Architectural Flat Glass-Published Approximate Weight
Glass Thickness Designation
Inches (mm)
Approximate lb/ft² (kg/m²)
3/32 (2.5)
1.2 (5.7)
1/8 (3.0)
1.6 (7.6)
5/32 (4.0)
2.0 (9.9)
3/16 (5.0)
2.4 (11.9)
1/4 (6.0)
3.0 (14.6)
5/16 (8.0)
4.0 (19.5)
3/8 (10.0)
5.0 (24.4)
1/2 (12.0)
6.4 (31.2)
5/8 (16.0)
8.1 (39.5)
3/4 (19.0)
9.8 (47.8)

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